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 Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc.
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Food Defense - Agrosecurity - Veterinary Public Health

DSI’s staff of veterinarians and public health professionals brings a unique blend of subject matter expertise to the fight against agroterrorism. This expertise includes:

  • Food Safety and Agro-security

  • Foreign Animal Disease Outbreaks, such as Avian Influenza / FMD /BSE

  • Curriculum Development, Education and Training

  • Exercise Development, Evaluation and Facilitation

  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine

  • Medical intelligence to include food defense

  • Animal health infrastructure

  • Veterinary Diagnostic laboratory medicine

  • Zoonotic diseases

  • Veterinary public health

  • Education, training in a wide range of fields

  • Research and development in a wide range of One Medicine fields

  • Emergency response

  • ICS

  • Animal health policy and planning

  • BSE and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

  • Animal disease modeling

  • Animal health law / legislation

  • Animal welfare